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Julia Fiedorczuk-Glinecka

Title: Associate ProfessorNa Festiwalu Opowiadania

Phone: +48 (22) 5531417
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Degrees and titles:

  • M.A., University of Warsaw, 1998
  • Ph.D., University of Warsaw, 2003
  • Post-doctoral (Habilitacja), University of Warsaw, 2016

Research interests:

  • Literary Theory
  • Psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan)
  • Modernism and the Avant-Garde
  • American Poetry of the 20th Century
  • 20th Century Philosophy
  • Ecocriticism

 Julia Fiedorczuk at the International Short Story Festival,
October 2015

Julia Fiedorczuk (b. 1975) is a poet, fiction writer, translator and lecturer in American literature. She has published five volumes of poetry the most recent of which is "tuż-tuż" (Wrocław, 2012) as well as a collection of short stories (Poranek Marii i Inne Opowiadania, 2010) and a novel (Biała Ofelia, 2010). Her poems have been translated into many languages (including Welsh and Japanese). She is the recipient of the PTWK award for the best first book of the year (Poznań 2003) and the Hubert Burda Preis (Wienna, 2005). She has translated the work of many American poets, including Wallace Stevens, John Ashbery and Forrest Gander. She has also published a two-volume selection of writings by Laura (Riding) Jackson and - with Laurie Anderson - "Język przyszłości", a collection of Anderson's short narratives with the author's illustrations (Wrocław, 2012). She has taken part in many international literary festivals and has been part of an international project Metropoetica: Women Writing Cities. In addition to academic papers, she has also written articles on animal rights for "Przekrój" and is a regular contributor to the feminist magazine "Zadra". Her academic interests include 20th century American poetry, literary theory, ecocriticism and feminism. She also blogs about poetry at

Selected publications:


  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2012, April 8). Za wolność naszą i waszą. [Esej o zwierzęciu]. Przekrój, pp. 14-15.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2011). A-ekologiczne marzenie Miłosza. In Miłosz. Przewodnik Krytyki Politycznej, pp. 234-246.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2011). Życie nie do pojęcia. O Wielkiej liczbie Wisławy Szymborskiej. In A. Kałuża & A. Świeściak (Eds.), Interpretować Dalej (pp. 361-370). Universitas.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2010). Ekokrytyka. Bardzo krótkie wprowadzenie. Fragile, 3(9), pp. 9-10.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2010). Die Welt ist nicht für uns gemacht worden (in conversation with Anja Utler), Ökopoetik: Stellungbeziehen für lebende Körper (transl. Anja Utler). Manuscripte, 187, pp. 146-153.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2007). Limited Revolutions: From Pound and Riding to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E. In J. Gutorow & T. Lebiecki (Eds.), Conformity and Resistance in America (pp. 96-106). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2006). Laura Riding. In J. Gray et al (Eds.), Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry, Vol. 4 (pp. 1376-1379). London: Greenwood Press.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2005). Pytania w kwestii domu. O poezji Elizabeth Bishop. In L. Aleksandrowicz-Pędich & J. Kamionowski (Eds.) Piękniejszy Dom od Prozy. O amerykańskiej poezji kobiecej (pp. 79-94). Białystok: Dział Wydawnictw Uniwersytety w Białymstoku.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J. (2004). Poem talking silence: a meditation on Laura Riding’s renunciation of poetry. A: The Journal of Culture and the Unconscious, 2 (San Francisco), pp. 21-40.


Poetry collections:

  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J.(2006). Planeta Rzeczy Zagubionych. Wrocław: Biuro Literackie.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J.(2003). Bio. Wrocław: Hubert Burda Preis, Austria.
  • Fiedorczuk-Glinecka, J.(2000). Listopad nad Narwią. Legnica: Biuro Literackie. (Selected by Polskie Towarzystwo Wydawców Książek as the best first book of the year)