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Obligatory Occupational Safety and Care course (Szkolenie BHP) for all 1st year students (BA and MA studies, full-, part-time and weekend studies)

The course is available at

from 02nd November 2018 till 08th February 2019. The name of the course is Szkolenie BHP (Occupational Safety and Care) 2018/19. In order to pass the course you need to provide the minimum of 14 correct answers to the 26 test questions. The results will be sent to the USOS system after the whole course has closed i.e. after February 08th.

Those students who have already taken and passed the course in the University of Warsaw or another Polish university (no earlier than in the academic year 2014-15) are kindly asked to submit the proof of passing the course to the Institute Office for Student Affairs by the end of November 2018. You may also do the same as regards the Intellectual Property Rights course (POWI). The information about this course will be posted on the Institute website by mid-November.

Brill Online Journals (trial access)


Brill Online Journals is among the richest scholarly sources of its kind, with the full text of journal articles, covering the Humanities, International Law and Biology. 

Database will be on trial access until 23rd November 2018.

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Anti-discrimination workshops

The University of Warsaw is constantly working to create a space where everyone will feel good and safe. One of the tasks carried out at the University of Warsaw is to show that it is possible - and necessary - to react to discrimination and violence. That is why all UW students are invited to participate in an anti-discrimination and anti-violence workshop carried out within the participatory budget of the University of Warsaw.

During the workshop, you will find out:

- What discrimination is,

- How the Polish law protects us against discrimination,

- What you can do if you have experienced violence or discrimination due to origin, nationality or skin colour,

- What you can do if you are a witness of violence or discrimination due to origin, nationality or skin colour,

- Where you can ask for support at the University of Warsaw and outside of it.

Workshops in Polish will take place on three dates to choose from: 20/11, 22/11, 27/11., 4:30PM-8:45PM.

Workshops in English will take place on three dates to choose from: 6/11, 15/11, 28/11, 4:30PM-8:45PM.

Workshops in Russian will take place on three dates to choose from: 07/11, 08/11, 14/11, 4:30PM-8:45PM.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Location: University Volunteer Centre, Dobra Street 56/66 (the building of the University of Warsaw Library).

More information at

Facebook event:

Warsztaty plakat

A facebook group for international students

We gladly inform you that Welcome Point UW together with Promotion Office created a group on Facebook dedicated to international candidates and students (both long and short term). We believe that it is going to be an effective communication platform for the University community. Here you will not only find answers to questions concerning studies at UW but also get to know what’s going on at our University.

Please remember, this site was created with you all in mind. So don’t hesitate to use it whenever you feel like you need help with solving problems related to academic matters. Our team will give you advice and needed support – that’s what we do.

Our Facebook group can be found here:

Kind regards
Welcome Point

Rising Stars 2018

Rising Stars 2018!

The results are in. This year's Rising Stars - the people who have impressed our teaching staff the most with their work ethic and potential - are:

Adrianna Stańczak (nominated by two)
Adrianna Żminkowska
Agata Moroz
Alika Kuzmina
Amelia Rozpędek
Anastasiia Vyshnevska
Anna Daszkiewicz
Anna Dziewiątkowska
Attabeira German de Turowski (nominated by two)
Daria Górka (nominated by three)
Daria Zielińska
Darya Pupkevich
Dominika Front
Dominika Królak (nominated by two)
Dorota Niedźwiedź
Dorota Osińska (nominated by two)
Emilia Kierzkowska
Filip Pastor (nominated by two)
Gabriela Michalak
Grzegorz Lara
Gustaw Kolanowski (nominated by two)
Igor Dąbkowski
Jakub Kądzielski
Joanna Kapica
Joanna Młynarczyk
Joanna Monicka
Joanna Piechura-Velychenko (nominated by two)
Joanna Sokołowska
Joanna Sztorc
Julianna Kaczorowska
Justyna Lachowicz
Kaja Piotrowska
Kalarzyna Molak
Kamila Pękała (nominated by three)
Katarzyna Bączkowska (nominated by two)
Katarzyna Makulec (nominated by two)
Katarzyna Molak
Katarzyna Wiktorska
Kinga Parapura
Konrad Sakowicz
Kornelia Jarema
Krystian Myśliński
Krzysztof Szczygielski
Maja Manowiecka
Maksymilian Mrozowski
Maria Modelska
Maria Pieniak
Marka Borkowska (nominated by four)
Marta Fesnak
Marta Karaś
Marta Urbanowicz
Martyna Maciejewska (nominated by two)
Mateusz Jarosz
Mateusz Rupiński
Michał Matychniak
Michalina Czerwońska
Monika Kisiel (nominated by two)
Monika Trzeciak
Natalia Kłopotek
Natallia Valadzko
Patrycja Roguska
Paweł Kowalski
Piotr Pliszka
Piotr Wieczorek (nominated by two)
Przemysław Pożar (nominated by three)
Raissa Ellis (nominated by three)
Samet Karakas
Sylwia Pacek
Teresa Matysova (nominated by two)
Yuliia Drozda
Zofia Satkowska

Many congratulations!