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Undergraduate Studies - How to apply?

Course Description

Undergraduate studies in English philology (tuition-free and tuition fee) last three years and culminate in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. The first year is dedicated to a fixed set of introductory courses that are mandatory for all students. These courses provide the students with basic knowledge and supply the information necessary for a conscious choice of a specialization.

During the second year, students choose a primary and secondary specialization from among the following areas:

  • British literature and culture
  • American literature and culture
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics

This guarantees obtaining a comprehensive knowledge of philology. Each student chooses their courses individually: every specialization has a set of relevant courses. There is also a third category for “other” courses, which do not fit in the areas covered by the two specializations, encouraging a harmonious and comprehensive education.

A detailed description of the study program is available here.

Admissions procedure


Candidates for undergraduate studies at the Institute of English Studies must register with the online candidate registration system at

Registration for tuition-free studies is open from June 5th until July 5th 2019. Tuition-free studies - 146 places.

In the academic year 2019/2020 the admission for tuition studies has been suspended.


Candidates who fail to pay the admission fee in the appointed time will not be taken into account during the admission process.

Admission procedure for candidates with foreign high school diploma (maturity diploma) exams results

Obligatory subject

Original language of maturity (high school) exam*


Obligatory subject



Obligatory subject

Modern foreign language


Obligatory subject

English language 


weight = 15%

weight = 10%

weight = 10%

weight = 65%

*Languages in columns 1 i 3 must be different.
English language score can be indicated twice in columns 1 and 4 or in columns  3 and 4).