Institute of English Studies University of Warsaw

Library Committee

Members of the Library Committee (2016-2020)


Committee chair: Prof. Emma Harris

  • Prof. Dominika Oramus
  • Prof. Marek Paryż
  • Prof. Monika Opalinska
  • Prof. Aneta Dybska
  • Dr. Lucyna Krawczyk-Żywko
  • Dr. Marek Szopski
  • Dorota Traczewska M.A.
  • Krystyna Dolega M.A. (ex officio)



Work in progress 2017/2018

  • 2 essay competitions - more
  • debate on the role of libraries and printed books in the life of the University



  • survey of student and staff opinion on the Library and its planned operations
  • debate on the contemporary meaning of the book and the role of the book in the life of the University
  • essay competition on library themes for students of the University of Warsaw