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Department of Cultural Studies

About us

The Department conducts research into the cultures of the English-speaking countries. We deal primarily with the United Kingdom and the United States, but uniquely among Polish universities we also examine issues connected with Canada, Australia or other post-colonial territories. We favour an inter-disciplinary approach, working within a variety of theoretical frameworks, making use of research techniques stemming from the disciplines of history, cultural studies, the social and political sciences, anthropology, art history, geography or literary studies. We offer a wide range of courses and seminars which reflect the current research interests of members of the department. These cover a multiplicity of aspects of culture – high culture, mass culture and the material culture of everyday life – through examination of texts of culture of all kinds: fiction and other written texts, film, including film adaptations of fiction, music, fashion, photography, the media, computer games or sport.

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Faculty and Staff

Head of the Department

Academic Staff

Doctoral Students

  • mgr Ewelina Hryniewiecka
  • mgr Małgorzata Kowalska
  • mgr Eliza Marków
  • mgr Lucrezia Stella
  • mgr Maria Szafrańska
  • mgr Daria Anna Urbańska
  • mgr Ewa Zdrowak