Institute of English Studies University of Warsaw

Department of Applied Linguistics

About us

Our activities, both in the area of teaching and research, go in two main directions, applied linguistics, which includes teacher training, and Translation Studies. The third, new field of interest that is starting to develop, is Scottish Studies, broadly understood. The research conducted in all fields has its reflection on a wide range of courses that students can choose from both in the B.A. programme as well as in the M.A. post-graduate programme. This also concerns our post-graduate two-year M.A. extra-mural course of studies.


Faculty and Staff

Head of the Department

Academic Staff

Doctoral Students

  • mgr Ammar Saleh Ali Al-Khawlani
  • mgr Issa Ali Umar Al-Qaderi
  • mgr Marcin Jurkowski
  • mgr Anna Kabzińska
  • mgr Weronika Kobosko
  • mgr Viktoria Komorovskaya
  • mgr Marlena Kowalczyk-Jaworska
  • mgr Marta Kozupa
  • mgr Mykyta Kudin
  • mgr Katarzyna Mania
  • mgr Bernadetta Minakowska-Koca
  • mgr Negin Neshat Roudsari
  • mgr Aleksandra Ożarowska
  • mgr Wojciech Parchem
  • mgr Anna Rzeźnik
  • mgr Tomasz Stajszczak
  • mgr Sylwia Szulc
  • mgr Małgorzata Tetiurka
  • mgr Ewa Tołoczko
  • mgr Małgorzata Waśniewska
  • mgr Sylwia Wrzoskiewicz
  • mgr Aleksandra Zalewska