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Archa Theatre Summer School 2018

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą szkoły letniej Archa Theatre Summer School 2018. Więcej informacji dostępnych jest tutaj.

Księgozbiór Pracowni OSB - zmiana godzin otwarcia 22-23.03.2018 r.

W dniach 22-23 marca 2018 r. Księgozbiór Pracowni OSB będzie otwarta w zmienionych godzinach:

22 marca 10.00 - 13.45

23 marca 13.00 - 15.00

Wypożyczone książki można zwracać w Wypożyczalni Biblioteki IA pok. 113.

Job Opportunity

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z niecodzienną ofertą pracy skierowaną do studentów. 

Dear Students,

My name is Dan Titsworth, I am from King George, Virginia, USA and I am writing to you as I am looking for an English interpreter.

It is my desire to go to Poland  this summer and interview farmers that farmed during the years of the Russian occupation and record their stories for a history book. In order to do this I am in need of a native born Polish speaker that can interpret my conversations with the farmers into English. I believe that this job would be an excellent opportunity for a university student to gain valuable life experience that can never be learned in a classroom.

Please let me stress that the person's qualifications in English do not have to be perfect. I shall record the conversations and afterwards a dictionary and online translation software can be used, such as Google translator whenever necessary. For the most part a predefined script of the questions shall be used during the course of the interviews, although some conversations may vary depending on the person being interviewed.

The job shall last for approximately three months with the starting date flexible according to the needs of the job applicant. However it should be no later than mid July.

It is my desire to interview both male and female farmers because I want as true of a  picture of the farm life as possible. Not only am I interested in the actual planting, harvesting  and storing of crops and raising of farm animals,  I would also like to record the home life of natural remedies for curing sickness, to folk songs or tales, to the methods of cooking food and keeping clothing on everyone.   It has been brought to my attention that if I want to interview old Polish women that it may be better to have a woman interpreter as opposed to myself and another man. That way I may get the woman to be more forthcoming in openness with her life story. I have no way of knowing if this is true, but for that reason I am leaning towards wanting a woman interpreter.

The benefits of this job, which I do not consider a job, but rather an adventure, are quite generous in my opinion. One will get to see all the regions of Poland. It is my wishes to visit many museums, parks, historical places and farmers markets  to help in writing this book. The knowledge that these old farmer's can share in my opinion is every bit as worthy in a sociological or anthropological sense as any coming from a politician, military, union or labor leader or even religious leader. This may seem funny in today's age, however it may not 100-200 years from now. To be part of gathering this information to compile this history book will look great on any CV. But lets forget about CVs- what about memories of a life accomplishment? Doing something outside of the box, something original, never to be reproduced, because sooner than later these farmers are fading into history.  Opportunity sometime only knocks once in a lifetime.

From a financial standpoint, the person awarded this job shall be well taken care of. Their hotel bills or lodging and food shall be paid for while on travel, and their salary shall be gracious and negotiated up front.

Besides a conversational knowledge of English the other qualifications would need to be a driver's license and a clean driver's record.  Things that would be quite helpful but not necessary are as follows, listed in order of their desirability:

The ability to make people comfortable during an interview

A desire to take photographs of old buildings, nature and people.

A working knowledge of computers- internet searching, emailing, Word documents, spreadsheets

Organizational skills of making schedules, setting up appointments, taking notes.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.  I shall arrive in Kraków on the 9th of April and may be able to set up a time during my short two week period to travel to your university in case any students or faculty members on vacation  would like to be interviewed for this position.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. It is my deepest wish to make this book a reality.  My email address which you can feel free to hand out to any one wishing to submit a CV and cover letter is Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.


Dan Titsworth

P.S.  Feel free to find all my grammar mistakes in this message. My degree was in Computer Science, not English. But as I have aged I have discovered a love for writing.


Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą praktyk w Agencji Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego. Szczegółowe informacje dostępne są tutaj  lub na stronie.

Badaniu naukowe - Wydział Psychologii UW

Szanowni Studenci,

Obecnie na Wydziale Psychologii UW prowadzone jest badanie dotyczące genetycznego podłoża perspektywy czasowej w ramach grantu  Sonata 7 Narodowego Centrum Nauki kierowanego przez dr hab. Macieja Stolarskiego. Będziemy Wam bardzo wdzięczni za pomoc w rozpowszechnieniu informacji o badaniu. Szukamy bliźniąt tej samej płci od 16 roku życia :)

Wasza pomoc będzie wsparciem działań naukowych na Naszym Uniwersytecie. Przyczynicie się tym samym do rozwoju nauki w Polsce! :)

Każdy uczestnik badań z kolei otrzyma od nas bon upominkowy do EMPIKU o wartości 80 zł.

Jeśli w Waszym otoczeniu są bliźnięta - przekażcie im proszę informacje o badaniu i kontakt do mnie (Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. ).

Więcej szczegółów:

W imieniu zespołu badawczego dr hab. Macieja Stolarskiego,

Katarzyna Wojtkowska

Udział w projekcie "Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable, and Inclusive Societies"

**** 2018-2019 Regional Academy on the United Nations - Call for Applications ****

  Deadline for applications: March 31th, 2018

 2018-19 RAUN Call for applications-page-001

2018-2019 RAUN Theme:

“Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable and Inclusive Societies”

The Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN) is an international, multi-disciplinary education program that brings together UN Agencies and outstanding, international students and young scholars, who – in the course of nine months and as part of small teams – attend lectures and interactive workshops and conduct hands-on research projects of relevance for the Agencies. RAUN’s aim is to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and resources about the UN and their functions, to raise their cultural awareness and openness, and to offer a forum for networking and academic exchange. Since its creation in 2012, RAUN has trained over 200 young scholars from more than 40 nationalities.

The academy follows a unique format combining lectures and interactive workshops with practical hands-on-experiences. The program consists of three sessions per academic year (May until January), which take place in different participating countries (Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria). All courses are given by high-ranking experts and practitioners who share their rich experience with participants in an informal setting.

Apart from course-work during the sessions, participants work on research projects in close cooperation with different UN agencies and other international organizations on topics of global relevance, such as peace and security, international development, human rights, environmental issues, and the United Nations in the 21st century. Through their group work, participants are able to develop their academic research skills and to form strong networks with like-minded peers, academics, and experts from various fields in an environment that fosters diversity, cultural learning, and understanding. During the program, participants get the opportunity to visit UN institutions in Vienna as well as Permanent Missions and Embassies in other countries. The results of the research projects will be presented during the final RAUN session at the UN Headquarters in Vienna in January 2019. At the end of the program, participants receive certificates of successful completion of the Academy.

2018-2019 RAUN Theme:


Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable, and Inclusive Societies

Session venues and dates:


Bratislava/Vienna: 9-11 May 2018

Prague: 11-13 September 2018

Vienna: 15-18 January 2019 (tbc)


Contact and application


For detailed information about the Academy and the conditions to participate please visit or contact us at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. .

RAUN is accredited by different university departments and academic institutions, among others by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University, and the Central European University Global Policy Academy.

Letnie Kolegium Polsko-Austrackie (8.-28.07.2018)

Zapraszamy studentów zainteresowanych językiem niemieckim do udziału w Letnim Kolegium Polsko-Austriackim 08.-28.07.2018 - tym razem w Warszawie i z planowanym wyjazdem do Łodzi. Rekrutacja kończy sie 27 kwietnia. Więcej informacji poniżej. Lub na stronach www: strona 1, strona 2. Formularz rejestracyjny dostępny jest tutaj.

PL SK18 Waw Infoblatt-page-001

PL SK18 Waw Infoblatt-page-002